Where to Find Jobs for Matriculants

You know what you are up against. The economy is struggling. There are a lot of people out there looking for work, and many of them have a college education and years of work experience. Where can a matriculants find a job? Read on for tips to secure a first job.

Everyone thinks that an impressive resume is how you get a job. That may play a big role with higher level jobs, but for an entry level position, simplicity is key. If you don't have experience and you just finished a high school then you have to rely on what kind of person you are. A succinct resume that explains your strengths and goals will show a potential employer that you are a direct person who gets the job done without a lot of fluff. Don't think you can get away without the resume, however. A lot of other kid will try that, and this will give you a leg up on your peers.

Make a good first impression. The mistake a lot of young people make on an interview is that they show up in the same thing they would wear to school on an average day. If you can't go full suit and tie (or a nice dress for girls) then at least put on nice slacks and a button down shirt. Make sure you iron it, and that you style your hair. Try not to be trendy or outlandish in what you wear (take out the piercings and dye your hair back to a normal color, unless you are applying at a store like Hot Topic). Most companies are looking for a team player. Show that you are willing to conform (at least to some degree).

Now that you have a resume and the right look, it is time to fill out applications. Often these are done online now. There are many websites where you can search for job opportunities. There are also want ads in the local newspaper. Don't be turned off if the ad asks for experience or higher education. There is no harm in applying anyway. Your assertiveness may get you the job.

Very often retail stores and restaurants (including fast food establishments) are happy to hire younger people. You may not be a waiter right away with zero experience, but by busing tables for a bit you can work your way up to being a server. A cashier job can become a shift manager position. You may not be making a career of this job, but you are gaining valuable experience for your next job, so don't worry if your first job isn't all that glamorous. Most people have asked someone, "Would you like fries with that?" at some point on their life. I walked into a McDonald's in dress clothes as a young teen, asked for an application, and ended up getting interview and was hired on the spot. So don't give up! You can find work.


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