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10 Top Jobs for Teenagers

Once school is out and summer begins, kids all over rejoice and look forward to their break. For many teenagers, however, summer break presents a great opportunity for finding a job and making some money. True, job options for teenagers may not be as varied as they are for adults.

However, there is plenty of variety in the job market. Due to this variety, teenagers can bring out their best by finding work that suits their personality, whether social, creative, shy, or otherwise. Here is a list of the top ten jobs for teenagers.

Camp Counselor - For those young ones who loved camp as kids and can't get enough of the outdoors, being a camp counselor is fun and helps out other children. Its a fun way to spend the summer and make some spending money too!

Life Guard - Sun and water - what more could you want out of summer? This seasonal work has great hours and the pay is pretty decent too.

Landscaping - Whether you work for someone or decide to start up your own business, there is always plenty to do in this field.

Restaurant - Working as a host/hostess, a cashier, or busing tables is perfect for those outgoing and social teenagers. The hours may be a bit late, but the money is good, and restaurants are always looking for help.

Tutoring - Are you good at math, science, languages, or computers? If there are subjects you are particularly good at, you may find that tutoring these subjects is your niche. You can make a little money and help out a fellow student.

Sports Instructor - For the teen athlete in the family, being a sports coach during the summer affords time to help younger children and keep themselves on their game!

Internship - For the ambitious teen who has already decided on a career path, an internship is a great way to gain experience and make connections. The down side is that you may not get paid to do the work, but you will make up for it in field experience.

Animal Caretaker - Whether its pet sitting or dog walking, it's a way to make decent money and enjoy the outdoors. Being self-motivated is important in order to drum up business, but the money is good and the work is easy.

Babysitter - A classic, we know, but there is always a neighbor or relative or friend who could use a sitter. Ask around or check out the announcement boards at the local grocers for potential clients.

Online Selling - If you are creative and like to make things, jewelry, crafts, or other items, you may be able to sell online. Websites that advertise for a small fee are plentiful. If you have a great idea, it may make you some money this summer!

Working gives you experience, memories, and spending money. Finding a job that you enjoy and that is suited to your abilities is possible, so go get 'em!


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