Most Popular Jobs for Matriculants in South Africa

Matriculants in South Africa are those young people who are in the final year of high school and have qualified to receive a certificate of graduation, which is now known as the NSC or National Senior Certificate.

In the strictest sense of the word, matriculation is the minimum requirements needed to enter a university. These young people are at a crossroads in their young lives, when at this time of the year, some 600,000 other matriculants are also at the same crossroads. Needless to say a lot of these young people are uncertain of what their futures hold and have no idea what to make of this newly found freedom.

Fortunately, many of these young South African matriculants will either find work or they will be able to go on to further studies. The ones who find work can earn an annual matriculants salary of between R5000 and R20000 in a variety of areas including the following:

Marketing Industry - Junior level matriculant with desire for training in the marketing industry.

Assistant to Production and Traffic Managers - Located in Johannesburg and Gauteng, this job is with Gendel Advertising.

Entry Level Sales and Marketing - Over 30 jobs are available at an events marketing firm located in Randburg, and Gauteng, South Africa to join their company. They are looking for graduates, matriculants and students.

Intern for Marketing Software Company - This position will pay up to R100 per day. They require matriculants to have an A or B in math and science as well business economics. This is a growing industry that is looking for young South Africans to train.

2nd Tier Support Engineer - This position will provide help desk support, provide support for technology services, manage and build relationships between employees of different companies, and manage the expectations of inside clients.

Digital Designer - This position requires a matriculant to train to create and deliver high quality material for gaming products within social media and is located in Cape Town, South Africa. Other responsibilities include the designing of internet display ads including animated ads, small banners and large banners as well as the creation of HTML/CSS for interactive elements.

Sales Consultant in the Hospitality Industry - This matriculant must be a great seller so he or she can bring in the best deals. Cold calling is required so candidate must have great people skills. You will also be required to do extensive market research and be able to build up leads.

Trend Setting Fashion Advisors, Visuals and Managers - If you are a young matriculant who loves fashion, join the fashion industry. You must be creative and have a passion for high fashion and getting your company on the top of the trends.

Retail Premium Stylist - Many lucrative opportunities in this leading group of designer clothing. You will literally be the face of the brand and will attract people into a store by modeling garments. You can earn a salary + five percent commission! The fashion retail group recently awarded by the CRF Institute the Best Employer award and has already hit international shores. Young matriculants growth opportunities in this industry are endless.


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