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Dental Assistant
A dental assistant is someone who performs office and laboratory procedures in conjunction with a dentist or by themselves. They oftentimes deal with patient care before, during and after dental procedures as well as provide assistance to dentists by being on hand for procedures requiring a second pair of hands.
X-Ray Technician
An X-Ray Technician performs the overall diagnostic procedures and imaging examinations in places such as general practitioner doctors' offices, hospitals, clinics and dental offices. They typically use x-ray machines, computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging known as the MRI and mammography. Most X-Ray Techs work behind the scenes in medical environment except when they are initially taking the images of a patient's body.
A childminder is a person who runs a childcare or day care service from the confines of their own home as a home business, generally caring for children 0 - 10 years of age. Being a childminder allows the person to work from home and to care for their own children at the same time if they have them.
A coroner is a licensed physician who possess specialized training in forensic pathology. They perform autopsies and inspect organs, tissue and bodily fluids to determine the cause of death in violent or suspicious cases. Oftentimes they work in conjunction with police and CSI's to investigate and determine whether a death was an intentional act and how it occurred.
A counselor is a person who helps people (individually or in a group) through difficult situations such as trauma, grief, therapy or physiological issues such as depression, anxiety, etc. A counselor is oftentimes some who can reflect a person's thoughts and feelings back to them in a safe and private environment that allows the person being counseled to better be able to deal with life changing problems or situations.
A nutritionist is a person who studies and interprets a client or patient's normal eating habits or diet to then create a specific nutrition plan for their patient or client that is geared towards making the client healthier in the long run by making the person illness and disease free. A nutritionist may be brought in for specific health reasons such as obesity or severe allergies or for a basic wish of the client to be healthier.
Nursery Nurse
A nursery nurse is a person who is responsible for the overall wellbeing of the children left in their care in a children's nursery and for the stimulation and engagement of their minds during the important early development years. A nursery nurse is accountable for the health and safety of the children in their care as well as teaching the children about proper behavior and manners. The overall tasks can differ based upon the ages of the children in their care as children from age 0 - 5 are typically put into nursery care while the parents are away at work or the like.
A zookeeper is a one of the most important and visible parts of a zoo park's team. They provide direct daily care for the animals in a variety of ways such as feeding, training, cleaning, etc. It is oftentimes one of the most highly sought after positions in a zoo due to the unique nature of the zookeeper position and because of its close interaction with the animals.
Car Dealler
A car dealer is a sales person who deals exclusively with the sales of vehicles whether they are cars, trucks, motorcycles, motorhomes or vans. They can either be self-employed and run their own car dealership or be employed by a car dealership owned by someone else.
A homeopath is a person who practices the belief that illnesses and ailments are caused by chaos within the human body and that the symptoms of those illnesses and ailments are the indicators of inward chaos. Homeopathic medicine is the restoring of harmony and balance in the body by using various treatments such as natural herbs and supplements. The use of natural herbs and supplements is believed to stimulate and activate the human immune response system to begin curing the illnesses and ailments found within it without using many of the commonly used prescription drugs which are believed to have many toxic qualities that harm the body more than heal it.
A pharmacist is a health professional who dispenses prescription drugs to patients. They also advise patients on the specific information inherent to each drug that is prescribed by their doctors and how to take the medication safely. Pharmacists also explain how it will affect the patient alone and in combination with other medication they may be taking.
A reflexologist is a trained person who uses therapeutic touch to the feet, hands and outer ears to match up with certain points throughout the body
Tax Consultant
Tax laws differ greatly from country to country and state to state, so licensing and training needs to be specialized for every geographical area a tax consultant works in.
A stylist (whether a fashion stylist or a hair stylist) is a person who uses their education, experience and creative talent to style people whether through their clothes or through their hair.
Nurse Practitioner
A nurse practitioner is a person who is educated in advanced nurse practices and has a more clinical authority and independence that other nurses such as RN's (registered nurses) or LVN's (licensed vocational nurses).
Child Psychologist
A child psychologist is someone who uses their education and experience to help to understand, prevent, diagnose and treat mental, social and emotional issues in children. Child psychologists usually look at the development of a child anywhere from the infant or prenatal stage to the adolescence stage. The major subjects of interest in the child psychology field are genetics, developmental language, gender roles and societal expectations, sexual development, social growth, personalities of children and cognitive growth. A child psychologist can work with a wide range of patients ranging from infants, toddlers, preteens and teenagers, but generally most child psychologists will specialize in a certain age group or child psychology subject.