Job Opportunities for Matriculants in South Africa

Jobs for matriculants in South Africa are relatively easy to find, even if you have no previous working experience whatsoever. You will notice that salaries aren't exactly great; however, if you consider that these jobs are supposed to be only the first step in your career, as well as the fact that most of them require no experience and offer permanent full-time employment starting immediately, then you will see it is not such bad option for you after all.

How to find a job for matriculants?

Internet search is a good place to start, since there are lot of job advertisements, many of which are offering permanent full-time employment, require no experience whatsoever and need employees to start working immediately. If you ever conducted internet job search, as a matriculant residing in South Africa, you have probably realized that the easiest jobs to find by far are various positions in call centres/telemarketing. Still, there are many alternatives, if you are willing to put more effort and spend a bit more time searching for the job and waiting to be accepted. Applications are made by email (prepare a good CV) or phone, after which you will be asked to come to a job interview, if your application did well.

When performing your search use following three keywords/keyphrases: job type, word "matriculant", and your city. You can enter South Africa instead of the city, if you are willing to search for jobs that will require you to relocate as well. Still, this is usually not necessary, since you will probably be able to find a job in every major city relatively easy. Besides that, most of these jobs aren't paid very well at the beginning, so you might have a hard time paying for rent, bills and additional moving related expenses. Although you will probably be able to find a job by the internet search, you should also try more traditional job seeking methods.

That includes mostly advertisements in printed classified listings, newspapers and so on. Furthermore, you should tell your friends, relatives and neighbours that you are looking for a job (use face-to-face contact, as well as social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc.). Besides that, always be on alert, watching doors and windows at restaurants and bars for example, since they might display a job advertisement that way. Therefore, always be well dressed and even carry around one or two copies of your CV wherever you go.

Which jobs are available for South African matriculants?

  • Call centres/telemarketing: As mentioned above, these are by far the highest demand jobs, if you are a matriculant. They almost never require working experience. They also usually offer permanent full-time employment and need you to start working as soon as possible. Salaries range from 4.000 to 8.000 and promise a room for personal growth and progress. Although they usually do not require any working experience, you will need to possess certain personal traits required for the job. The most important are your communication skills and dynamic, extroverted personality. You also must be fluent in English. Other important qualities are your will to learn, team spirit, high energy levels and motivation, ability to perform within given deadlines and targeted goals. Necessary training is provided.
  • Junior Admin Clerk/Data Capturer: These jobs are not in such high demand as call centre positions, but still can be found relatively easy if you put some effort into it. The job usually consists of customer-oriented admin role. That mostly includes customer support, as well as capturing bills, updating product pricing, quantities and other information. Experience is not required and the training is provided. The essential job requirements are knowledge of MS Outlook/ Excel/Word and other basic computer skills. In addition, you need to have good communication skills, especially written communication. Other desirable qualities are the ability to work independently, will to learn and the ability to understand and learn the business concepts quickly and easily.
  • Others: There are many other jobs available both on a full-time and part-time/casual basis. Some of them are, as follows: cashier, restaurant staff (waiter/waitress, bartender, kitchen jobs), bar staff (waiter/waitress, bartender), babysitting, storage workers and many others. Finding these jobs depends mainly on your own ability and will to search for them. Use general advice on how to find a job, given at the beginning of this article.


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