Internship Jobs in SA

One of the best ways to break into a new career is through an internship. Sadly even with college degrees, it can sometimes be difficult to attain suitable work. An internship is a great way to find work both after you graduate or even before.

This can lead to a permanent position, or at least it can get you the valuable experience that you need to find the right job for you. So what types of internships are available in South Africa. Let's discuss the two primary types of internships: Undergraduate and Graduate.

An undergraduate internship is one that is given to someone who is still currently receiving training in a particular field. Because of this the internship is usually brief (perhaps just a few weeks) and is available during a time of year when students are off for break between semesters. Usually the type of company that offers this sort of internship is a large corporation, perhaps and international one. Quite often the intern is paid, so they not only gain valuable work experience but also make money in the process which is quite important to most students. The best part is that if you excel at your intern position, it is quite likely that you will be offered a job by the company after you graduate. They have already invested in your training, so why not benefit from it themselves? You can also expect your expenses to be covered by the company over the course of your internship. Clearly, there are many benefits to an undergraduate internship.

What about a graduate internship? This is an internship that is only offered to those who have completed training in their field of study. This can be a great way for graduates to break into businesses that would normally require a great deal of experience before they will give out a job. These internships may include a salary, but some do not. The graduate gets valuable experience in exchange for their work which can then lead to better job opportunities in the future. Because graduates do not have the same time constraints as students, these internships may last up to a year, although they can also be as short as a week. Usually the intern will end up working under an experienced professional who can provide them with one on one mentoring. Once the internship is complete, if there is a position open at the company, and the intern has performed well, they may be offered a more permanent job.

As you can see, internships provide great opportunities for both students and graduates alike. If you can get into an intern program, you may gain the experience you need to really get your career going. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and apply for some intern positions in your chosen field today!


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