How to Find a Junior Job through Social Media

Social media has become a part of everyday life-for both personal and professional use. No wonder job seekers maximize its features to land a job.

The emergence of social media has made the life of junior job applicants and recruiters a lot more convenient. The former can now build their ubiquitous online presence through blogs, networking sites, and other existing platforms. The latter, on the other hand, can readily advertise job vacancies and search for qualified applicants for vacant positions. Recruitment and hiring processes have joined the paperless movement and are now possible in a matter of clicks.

Why Social Media?

Below are four ways in which social media can support your junior job search:

Sharing Your Portfolio

Social media sites are great avenues for applicants to share their talents and capabilities. Artists can easily post their illustrations on Pinterest and photographers can upload their photos on Flickr to show off their creativity. Writers can maintain their blogs to keep an updated, online portfolio. Self-employed entrepreneurs can create Facebook pages to advertise their products and services. Never underestimate these simple initiatives. After all, it was Justin Bieber's YouTube video that made him a famous singer-songwriter!

Defining Your Brand

Social media allows applicants to establish their own brand. The updates, photos, and articles they share online give recruiters a good indication of what type of employee they will be. Use this approach to your advantage by conveying professionalism at all times. Never share something that will embarrass you. LinkedIn and Quora users who participate in discussions are perceived to be experts in their field. On the other hand, people who tweet derogatory remarks on Twitter or post distasteful photos on Facebook are not taken seriously.

Keeping Yourself Informed

People spend a number of hours on their desktops, tablets, or smartphones. The Internet has become a tool for individuals to share what they had for lunch or where they are off to next weekend. This instant exchange of information is also beneficial for your job search in a few ways. You can subtly inform your network that you're looking for better job opportunities and message your contacts to ask them to recommend you to a hiring manager. Some users also publicize job advertisements on their profiles, so you will receive updates about vacancies. These leads can get you started on your applications.

Strengthening Your Connections

Being active in social media solely to find career opportunities is not a wise decision. Regardless of your career status, continue to widen your connections and establish quality relationships with your contacts. You can do this by responding to their posts, sharing job vacancies you find, and clarifying some of their issues that are within the scope of your knowledge. This may take time, but you will appreciate the value of your strong and reliable network once the tables are turned. Besides, its nice to make new friends, so enjoy the opportunity!


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