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How to Get a Job as a Teen

Cutting a neighbor's lawn or babysitting for your mother's friend used to be what teenagers did for a little extra money. Nowadays, those same jobs are still out there, but so are many others.

If you are a teen, how can you go about finding work that you really enjoy doing and that is suited to your individual personality? Here are a few suggestions to help you navigate through the teen job market and land work that you will have a good time with.

When you begin looking for work, have a few things already to go. A simple and straightforward resume is important. Even if you apply for a job that doesn't require one, having it on hand just in case is a good idea. Also, it is advisable to maintain your appearance. You never know when an opportunity for potential employment may present itself, so keep yourself well groomed. Another aspect of job hunting that should not be overlooked is the potential for rejection. Nobody gets every job they apply for. Preparing yourself mentally for a possible 'no' will help you maintain a positive outlook.

Keep your eyes open for potential employment options as a teenager. Do your research. What is needed in your area? Many government run, non-for-profit organizations hire teenagers. Places like parks and museums are some places to look into. Read through the newspaper help wanted ads. Advertise your services on online message boards. Put your social network connections to work. Reach out to those who may be able to help you find work. Stay connected and in the know. Online work may be an idea worth looking into. Anything from tutoring to selling can be found online. Put your talents and interests to work for you. If you are really good at math, you can tutor online or at school. Try and think outside the box; there are plenty of creative innovative ways to make money.

If you find a job that interests you, apply as soon as you can. Should an interview be set up, be positive and promote your strengths, talents, and skills. Be sure to look the part. Dress presentably. Remember that first impressions tend to be lasting ones. Don't forget to smile! After the interview is over, follow-up in a few days. This shows interest and initiative on your part. All of these seemingly small things will go a long way in promoting you to your potential employer.

Finding work as a teenager can be a process. There is plenty of work to be had. Being a teenager doesn't necessarily mean your options are limited. Remember to not give up! Stay positive and network. Put yourself and your services out there. Soon enough, you will be on your way to the bank to cash in your first paycheck. It won't be long before you reap the rewards for all your efforts!


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