How to Be a X-Ray Tech

The X-Ray Tech Job Overview:

An X-Ray Technician performs the overall diagnostic procedures and imaging examinations in places such as general practitioner doctors' offices, hospitals, clinics and dental offices. They typically use x-ray machines, computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging known as the MRI and mammography. Most X-Ray Techs work behind the scenes in medical environment except when they are initially taking the images of a patient's body.

Education Needed to be a X-Ray Tech:

Those who wish to become an X-Ray tech need to go through formal educational training in radiology, radiology equipment and procedures. The educational requirements vary from country to country and even in different regions of a country, but generally the education requirements include earning a certificate or associate's degree at a trade school in radiology after meeting the minimum requirements hours or units of training. A person may be able to apply previous on-the-job training in the radiology field towards the educational requirements, but this is not always the case and varies from region to region. The education process can also go higher to the bachelor degree level if they wish to take a more instructor approach to work in the radiology field.

Other Requirements to be a X-Ray Tech:

Most states in the US as well as in the UK, Canada and Australia require a final examination through the local government to be certified to work as an X-Ray Tech beyond that of the educational training. Without the final examination the person is not board certified and is unable to acquire a position as an X-Ray tech in any medical office that strictly follows governmental rules and regulations.

Advancement as a X-Ray Tech:

The X-Ray tech field is very interchangeable with a number of other radiology and imaging based medical positions such as radiology assistants if they wish to return to school and acquire additional training for a more lucrative position. Those who wish to grow in their position can become specialized in a certain forms of diagnostic imaging procedures like CT scanning, MRI or computer tomography. There is also the option of becoming a supervisor or manager of a radiological department or laboratory as well as the possibility of becoming an instructor at a medical education institution.

Future Prospect for Jobs as a X-Ray Tech:

As the radiology field is growing exponentially as the medical community becomes more skilled and acquires more precise radiological and computer imaging procedures. The job market for a X-Ray tech will only increase in the next 10-15 years, leaving the door open for enterprising career minded people to get in on a medical field that is booming. Those X-Ray techs that are skilled in a number of different radiological imaging procedures are more likely to have constant employment as well as better pay and job satisfaction.

Expected Salary as a X-Ray Tech:

The current average annual salary for an X-Ray tech is about $50,000 in the US, £37,000 in the UK, $56,000 in Canada and $51,000 in Australia. This amount does fluctuate largely by education, experience, regionally location and other smaller factors such as the current job market, etc.

A Day-in-the-Life of a X-Ray Tech:

For the most part X-Ray techs generally perform the same procedures over and over throughout the day and there is little variation from the typical schedule. Most of the time an X-Ray tech will spend the day using radiological equipment on patients to discern medical issues such as MRI, CT, X-ray, computer tomography and so forth. They will also spend a large part of their day in between patients developing or generating radiological results and sending them along to the doctor or other departments.


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