How to Be a Stylist

The Stylist Job Overview:

A stylist (whether a fashion stylist or a hair stylist) is a person who uses their education, experience and creative talent to style people whether through their clothes or through their hair. Oftentimes a stylist is someone who dresses and coordinates a person's clothes for everyday occasions and formal events or a person who styles a person's hair based upon trends, personal style and individual needs.

Education Needed to be a Stylist:

There is no formal education to be a stylist, however a degree or some form of training or education would be helpful. For a fashion stylist a degree in fashion design, textiles, art or the like would be beneficial to someone who wishes to become a fashion stylist in the fashion world as those who have been specifically educated in the fashion field are more likely to get their resume moved to the top of the pile. For a hair stylist a certificate or degree in hair styling or cosmetology is very useful to becoming a hair stylist. Many are able to become a stylist without formal education if they are naturally gifted or have been mentored by a person who has extensive knowledge in the fashion or hair care field, but it is harder for them to make a career of it useless they are extremely gifted.

Other Requirements to be a Stylist:

To be a stylist a person needs to be conscious and aware of the fashion world whether through clothes or hair styling. They need to be willing to keep up on current trends, additional training on new ways of styling and have an eye for fashion and hair styling whether through conscious training or natural talent. A stylist needs to be someone who constantly reinvents themselves and keeps on the cutting edge of what is popular and avant-garde in the fashion and hair styling world.

Advancement as a Stylist:

Room for advancement in a stylist career is fairly large. A stylist can begin as an assistant or junior stylist and work their way up to senior stylist or manager depending on where they are employed. If the stylist runs their own business and offers personal styling to individual clients they will of course have less room to grow upwards as a stylist, but they would have the opportunity to employ their own team of stylists and take on a more managerial supervision and take a back seat to the fashion world. Stylist can also take their education and experience and apply it towards instructing others who wish to become stylists themselves.

Future Prospect for Jobs as a Stylist:

The fashion and hair styling world has grown slightly as the mainstream population has become more a part of it, however there is no stylist career boom expected and people wishing to enter the career world as a stylist should keep this in mind.

Expected Salary as a Stylist:

The average annual salary of a stylist can change drastically based upon many different factors such as geographic location, education, experience and social standing, but it can also be affected greatly by the overall prices the stylist chooses to charge as well. For those who work as a stylist independently and are self employed the sky is the limit in regards to salary as they can choose the prices and fees they charge for a styling session. For those who are employed the average salary again can vary greatly going anywhere from a lowly $20,000 or £12,500 a year to a high of $400,000 or £250,000 a year.

A Day-in-the-Life of a Stylist:

The average day for a stylist can vary from day to day based upon their position as a fashion stylist or a hair stylist, but the typical day can include:

For a Fashion Stylist

  • Reviewing and keeping up to date on current fashion trends
  • Perusing through fashion lines to get an idea of what is available in the fashion world
  • Meeting with clients to discuss personal needs for styling
  • Shopping around for a client to find items to style them with
  • Helping a client to get dressed for a formal event with the chosen fashion styling

For a Hair Stylist

  • Reviewing and keeping up to date on current hair styling trends
  • Perusing through hair styling magazines, books, etc for what is new and cutting edge in the hair styling world
  • Cutting and styling clients' hair


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