How to Be a Nutritionist


A nutritionist is a person who studies and interprets a client or patient's normal eating habits or diet to then create a specific nutrition plan for their patient or client that is geared towards making the client healthier in the long run by making the person illness and disease free. A nutritionist may be brought in for specific health reasons such as obesity or severe allergies or for a basic wish of the client to be healthier.

Education Needed to be a Nutritionist:

The minimum educational requirements to be a nutritionist varies from country to country or state to state, but generally a nutritionist needs to have a two year or four year degree in nutrition or a similar subject. In the US for example most states require license or certification to be a nutritionist and a few even require registration with the state upon graduation from an accredited nutritionist program. In most countries there is some kind of law(s) that have been put in place to regulate and maintain the standards of education for nutritionist and if they are not met a person is unable to be licensed or certified to work as a nutritionist in those countries.

Other Requirements to be a Nutritionist:

A nutritionist needs to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine and be generally invested in the results of their clients. A love for fitness and health is a vital part of being a nutritionist and those who have it are far more likely to enjoy their career and to get the kind of results from their clients that they are looking for.

Advancement as a Nutritionist:

Advancement in the nutritionist career field is fairly low as the career is very specialized already and may be termed self-employment for about 70% of those working as a nutritionist. There is the possibility of a nutritionist taking on a managerial position at a health or fitness club, health clinic, etc. is available to those who wish to do so. Also, there is the possibility of becoming a nutritionist instructor at a nutrition based curriculum program or school.

Future Prospect for Jobs as a Nutritionist:

More people are becoming more health conscious in recent years and the demand for nutritionists has grown with that need. It is expected that the nutritionist career field will only increase as people become more aware of the need to be healthy and seek out professionals able to teach and guide them in the process.

Expected Salary as a Nutritionist:

The salary for a nutritionist varies by geographical location, education, position held and whether or not the person is self-employed or not. If the person is self-employed the salary can fluctuate due to the fact that the nutritionist decides the overall fees and prices of their services as well as the overall amount of hours worked in a year. For those employed by another company, individual or organization the annual salary range is about $45,000 or £26,000 a year.

A Day-in-the-Life of a Nutritionist:

The typical day for a nutritionist can vary based upon the type of service they provide or the type of job they are employed for, but generally a typical day will include:

  • Assessing a client or patient's overall health through physical examinations and lab work
  • Creating specifically designed meal plan for each patient
  • Meeting with patient's to assess the progress of a meal plan and adjust accordingly if the need arises
  • Maintaining records in patient files of the progress and meal plans
  • Educating client's or patients on ways to improve health outside of their diet


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