How to Be a Childminder

The Childminder Job Overview:

A childminder is a person who runs a childcare or day care service from the confines of their own home as a home business, generally caring for children 0 - 10 years of age. Being a childminder allows the person to work from home and to care for their own children at the same time if they have them.

Education Needed to be a Childminder:

The is no higher education such as a degree required to become a childminder, though one in early childhood development, child psychology or the like would be of great use to a childminder. Generally to become a childminder the person needs to complete a set of workshops to learn about things such as health and safety, basic child development, safeguarding children in the home, first aid and CPR courses, and food hygiene. The courses vary from country to country or region to region, though usually they involve the basics as given above. Once the courses have been completed the person can take an exam to qualify for a license to work as a childminder in their own home.

Other Requirements to be a Childminder:

Preferably the childminder needs to genuinely like and want to care for children to give the best environment for the children as well as for the childminder to find satisfaction in the job. The home also needs to have certain standards to qualify as a childcare or daycare place of business such as being in good repair, no unsafe locations in the home that a child can get to, a suitable size to accommodate the amount of children the person wishes to care for and no mold, asbestos, harmful chemicals or lead paint within the vicinity.

Advancement as a Childminder:

There is generally no advancement as a childminder as the job is self-employment and therefore no room for growth upward in a company. However, if a childminder's day care services begin getting a high volume of regular children there is the opportunity for the childminder to employ other workers and to take a more managerial position in regards to the job.

Future Prospect for Jobs as a Childminder:

Population is growing exponentially so the potential for childminder self-employment opportunities is large in regards to the childminder field. Parents have also begun to take a more active role in their child's life and have begin to prefer more intimate and focused childminder care services, so offering services that are specifically geared towards teaching the children in the childminder's care and in overall early childhood development is something that can be an advantage in the long run.

Expected Salary as a Childminder:

The annual salary varies due to things such as geographical location, experience and training, services offered and the amount of children in the childminder's care. The childminder runs their own business so ultimately they will decide the fees on childcare services as well as the hours worked. The differences in fees could be based upon hourly, daily or monthly fees depending on if the child(ren) are regulars or not.

A Day-in-the-Life of a Childminder:

Typically a childminder has a certain routine that they keep to, to not only help in keeping on task, but to give the children a sense of structure and security. Below is a basic list of things a childminder might do during the day:

  • Greeting children and parents as they pick up or drop off
  • Entertaining and engaging children in a variety of activities such as toys, reading, arts and crafts, outdoor playtime, etc.
  • Cooking or preparing meals
  • Caring for younger children and infants in regards to hygiene and/or medication
  • Cleaning up after the children


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