How to Be a Car Dealler

The Car Dealler Job Overview:

A car dealer is a sales person who deals exclusively with the sales of vehicles whether they are cars, trucks, motorcycles, motorhomes or vans. They can either be self-employed and run their own car dealership or be employed by a car dealership owned by someone else.

Education Needed to be a Car Dealler:

There are no educational requirements for a career as a car dealer, however a degree in business, finance or accounting would be beneficial to a car dealer whether they own their own car dealership business or are employed at one as a thorough knowledge of business practices and accounting can help in several ways as a car dealer. Even if a degree is not desired or achievable, a few courses in business and math or accounting can be invaluable and can lead to a higher rate of successful employment and a higher salary rate as well. Furthermore, a person can get hired as a car dealer, but in certain geographic location before they are able to sell they must be licensed through the local government or Department of Motor vehicles (US). Not all countries require licensing, but most do.

Other Requirements to be a Car Dealler:

A car dealer needs to be above all a natural born salesperson and a people person. They need to be able to communicate effectively and thoroughly with their potential clientele as well as with their fellow co-workers and finance team. A person who is a natural salesperson will do very well as a car dealer and those who struggle to get into the salesperson mentality will have a difficult time surviving on the little commission they are able to get and will likely be in danger of losing their employment as well. They also need to be very motivated and willing to put in a lot of effort doing sales pitches that 9/10 end with no car sale.

Advancement as a Car Dealler:

A car dealer career has only small options for advancement due to the fact that many car dealers are either self-employed or in a position where the tasks of a salesperson doesn't transfer well to other positions in the company. There is the possibility of a car dealer taking over a managerial or supervisory position if they have the right leadership qualities and are top earning employees. There is also the option that if they are employed they can opt to open their own car dealership and be their own boss and employ car dealer salespeople of their own.

Future Prospect for Jobs as a Car Dealler:

Cars are a necessity to life with the way that cities have begun to spread out and become larger with suburbs nearby, so a car dealers will always be in a large supply. Economic times do affect the available positions for car dealers as car sales do go down during recessions and the like, but the car dealer job market always swings back around, so the future prospects of a positions as a car dealer is fairly secure.

Expected Salary as a Car Dealler:

Most car dealers work off of either strict sales commission or a base pay plus commission. Most car dealerships pay just sales commission, so the average salary can vary based upon not only geographic locations, education, and experience, but success in the actual act of sales. Some car dealers can make nothing as their sales skills are severely lacking while others can make well over $100,000 a year if they are naturally gifted at sales.

A Day-in-the-Life of a Car Dealler:

A typical day for a car dealer depends largely on the specific practices and preferences as a car dealer or salesperson, but largely the typical day includes:

  • Long hours and oftentimes weekend shifts to ensure sales quotas and financial success
  • Giving sales pitches to a long string of interested buyers with varying rates of success
  • Filling out car sales contracts and discussing final sales figure and arranging finance if needed
  • Keeping records of all sales, potential sales and quotas


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