How to Ace a Job Interview: Before the Interview

The job interview is a vital part of the company's selection process. It is the perfect time for you to prove that you are the best candidate for the vacant position by answering the questions correctly, clearly, and concisely.

During an interview, the recruiter will investigate your skills, experience, values, and personality. They will ask you both situational and technical questions to determine how fit you are for the job. To ace this challenge, take note of some preparatory tips before, during, and after the interview. They will help you leave a valuable impression on the recruiter.

The competition among the other candidates is tough, especially if a number of people are competing for a single position. Sufficient preparation is your key to acing the interview and eventually, being hired for the job. Before facing the interviewer, make sure you can effectively sell your capabilities to your prospective employer.

Do Your Homework

To be able to provide answers that are relevant to your target company, research the company's profile, goals, and needs. With this knowledge, you can discuss the industry in depth and appreciate your potential role within the organization. Considering the amount of information available on the web, you can conduct your research in no time at all. Visit the company's website and follow its social media accounts for basic facts. You can also tap your network for more detailed information.

Predict Possible Questions

Expect a wide variety of questions during the interview. The company wants to determine how well you will perform in the vacant position and how your values will fit with their culture. You will also be asked about your accomplishments, school involvement, strengths, and areas for improvement. They will elicit information by asking you situational questions, so be conscious of each word that comes out of your mouth. In addition, formulate your own list of potential questions based on your goals, job application, and job analysis.

Practice for Perfection

After coming up with your list of questions, rehearse your answers. It's best to do this with a friend or a professional who can provide feedback on your nonverbal expressions, terminology, and most of all, the content of your answers. This exercise also helps you structure your thoughts, provide concise responses, and develop confidence in handling stressful situations.

However, during the actual interview, do not simply verbalize what you have practiced. Understand the questions carefully before you answer.

Prepare Your Clothes

Whether you believe it or not, your interview clothes do leave an impression on the interviewer. Therefore, if you're serious about getting the job, make a positive impression from the time you enter the room by dressing accordingly. Wear business attire for a marketing, sales, consulting, or banking position and don't add distracting accessories. If the company asks you to wear specific attire, follow their instructions.

Know Where the Office is Located

Before the interview, find out the location of the office and how to get there. You can't afford to arrive late-this indicates unprofessionalism and disrespect to the interviewer. If something unexpected happens on your way, contact the Human Resources Department and explain the situation. It's ideal to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled interview.


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