How to Ace a Job Interview: After the Interview

After getting past the initial screening process and landing yourself a job interview, you will have to wait for the results. While waiting, implement techniques that will maintain the strength of your job application.

Ask Questions

Asking questions, such as when you can expect to hear back from the company and the next step in the hiring process, will send the message that you are genuinely interested in getting the job. Knowledge of the time frame will also keep you from endlessly worrying and panicking if they haven't contacted you for a week.

You might also want to ask about the company's preferences in contacting candidates after a job interview. Some recruiters prefer calling you on your cell phone, while others will send you an email. This information will also give you an idea as to how you should position your follow-up queries.

Show Optimism

Before leaving the room, firmly shake hands with the interviewers, and depart with a warm smile. This indicates you enjoyed the experience and opportunity. Interviewers appreciate optimism.

Send a Thank You/Follow-Up Note

It is appropriate to send a thank you note a few days after the interview. If you opt to send a follow-up note, you should send it after the expected time frame has passed. The ideal follow-up note should reiterate your interest in the job and how certain points discussed during the interview reinforced your interest in working for the organization.

Avoid sounding desperate by excessive follow up. You do not want to ruin your chances of landing your dream job by being overeager. Also, do not ever contact the prospective employer within the time frame provided; this will ruin your chances of getting hired. Remember, they are considering other applicants for the position so give them time to make their decision.

Keep Your Promises

If you promise to send your references the day after the interview, make sure you do so. Keeping your promises and timely responding to requests (e.g., detailed resume, scholastic records) will earn you positive points from your prospective employer.

Evaluate Yourself

You might also want to reassess and evaluate your interview performance. Were you able to answer the questions well? Were there portions of the interview that you had difficulties responding to? Write them down and work on them so you will perform better in your next interview.

While waiting to hear back from a potential employer, keep looking. Whether you think the interview went well or not, it is best for you to play all of your cards. It doesn't matter if the potential employer already told you that you are one of the candidates that they're seriously considering for the job. Unless you already have a job offer on paper, it is best to keep looking for additional opportunities.

Keep Networking and Applying for More Jobs

If things did not go as expected, accept rejection in a positive manner. Keep your head up and look for other opportunities. Consider your failed attempts as enriching experiences. Finally, strive to do better in your next interview.

Learn More

Do you have more questions about job interviews? Download our career guide for free and learn additional tips on how to impress interviewers with your answers. This guide was written based on intensive research and consultation with a number of recruiters so you will find the tips extremely useful in your job search.


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