Employment Opportunities in Aviation Industry in South Africa

Many looking for a change of their career often look to the aviation industry. The top jobs in the aviation industry offer the ability to go abroad and experience different cultures while seeing new cities. In recent years South Africa has become more of a worldwide destination making the need for workers in the aviation industry climb. Those looking for a new job or career in the aviation industry should familiarize themselves with the industry and make sure they are qualified for the job they seek.

Perhaps the most prestigious job in the aviation industry is a pilot. Pilots get to fly airplanes and see a wide variety of locations. In order to become a pilot you need to have your pilot's license. A pilot's license can be expensive and take a while to get. Another way many become an airline pilot is through military training. Being multilingual is also something that helps if you wish to be hired as a pilot. This allows you to be able to successfully communicate in a variety of countries. The other popular job within the aviation industry is that of flight stewards and stewardesses. These jobs do not require nearly as many qualifications as becoming a pilot does. As a steward or a stewardess you will be able to see a large amount of locations around the world while being paid to do it.

Other jobs offered within the aviation industry are either labor focused or customer service based. These sorts of jobs do not require any qualifications but still pay decently. Hard work goes a long way in these jobs and allows for you to move up in the organization and receive pay increases. The job responsibilities for these jobs often include handling luggage or enforcing security. With the right attitude these jobs can be rewarding and interesting. Becoming an air traffic controller is another option. This job pays higher than labor or customer service based jobs. Its largest drawback is that it is notoriously stressful.

The aviation industry has a decent economic outlook. It does not appear as if it will become obsolete anytime soon. This means that a job in the aviation industry is secure from that standpoint. One disadvantage of the aviation industry is that in recent years many of the large airlines have gone bankrupt or gone through mergers. This can result in the loss of employment and adds some instability to the job. Overall though the aviation industry offers secure employment opportunities.

If you are convinced employment in the aviation industry is for you the next step is to determine which company you want to work for. Most of the major global airlines offer jobs in South Africa. These are a good choice for those who want to see a wide number of different locations. There are also some airline companies which mainly fly within South Africa. These may be a better fit if you do not like the prospect of having to be away from home frequently.


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